Articles & reports

On this page, you will find articles and reports I have written in English from 1999 and onwards.

2017: 第10原則と司法アクセス (“Dai 10 Gensoku to Shihou Akusesu”). Review of Administrative Law (Gyoseiho-kenkyu, Osaka University) No. 18 (May 2017) pp. 45-72

2017: On the Bright Side (of the EU’s Janus Face). The EU Commission’s Notice on access to justice in environmental matters. Journal of European Environmental and Planning Law (JEEPL) 2017 p. 373

2016: Book review: de Sadeleer: EU Environmental Law and the Internal Market. European Journal of risk regulation (EJRR), 2016 (3), p. 644

2016: The Commission: a sheep in wolf’s clothing? On infringement proceedings as a legal device for the enforcement of EU law on the environment, using Swedish wolf management as an example. JEEPL 2016 p. 270

2015: Thrown to the Wolves – Sweden once again flouts EU standards on species protection and access to justice.  Nordic Environmental Law Journal 2015:1, p. 7

2015: Access to Justice in Environmental Decision-making in Sweden.  Standing for the public concerned, the scope of review on appeal and costs. In The legal debate on access to justice for environmental NGOs. Umweltbundesamt 99/2017, Chapter 6 (pp. 125-150)

2014: Under fire from all directions. In: The Habitats Directive in its EU environmental law context: Edited by Charles-Huber Born et al., London: Routledge, 2015, pp. 348-372

2014: Article 9.2 of the Aarhus Convention and EU law. Some remarks on CJEUs case law on access to justice in environmental decision-making. JEEPL 2014 p. 367

2014: The EIA Directive and Access to Justice – Some remarks on the new directive, old provisions and the rapid development of case-law To be published in a coming anthology on the amendments to the EIA Directive, Europa Publishing in the fall of 2014

2013: Effective Justice?  Synthesis report of the study on the Implementation of Articles 9.3 and 9.4 of the Aarhus Convention in the Member States of the European Union. Europan Commission 2013-10-11

2013: The Wild Has No Words. JEEPL 2013 p. 250

2012: Study on the Implementation of Article 9.3 and 9.4 of the Aarhus Convention in 17 of the Member States of the European Union. National report from Sweden

2012: Effective Justice? Synthesis report of the study on the Implementation of Articles 9.3 and 9.4 of the Aarhus Convention in 17 of the Member States of the European Union

2011: Brussels Advocates Swedish Grey Wolves. On the encounter between species protection according to Union law and the Swedish wolf policy. SIEPS Policy Analysis 2011:8

2009: Biological Diversity and the Public Interest. From de Lege 2009 (Yearbook of the Faculty of Law, Uppsala Universitet), p. 201

2008: On the Comparison of Environmental Law. Darpö, J & Nilsson, A. Ur Miljøretlige emner, Festskrift til Ellen Margrethe Basse (Jurist- og økonomforbundets forlag, Köpenhamn, 2008), Kap. 11

2007: Justice through the Environmental Courts?  Lessons Learned from the Swedish Experience

2005: Key-issues in regulating contaminated land in Europe. Prevention and remedying of environmental damage. Bruylant/Bryssel (Bel.)

1999: The Barseback Case.  EL 1999:3 CS 36