On this page, you will find the articles I have written in English. (The English abstract to my thesis is available on the web-site of the Uppsala Universitet, The articles below have been published in the journal Environmental Liability (Oxon, UK).

2016: Rights in Europe. From property rights to environmental democracy in EU law. Presentation at International Symposium on Public Participation and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters , Osaka, 3 November 2016

2016: The interaction between the Aarhus Convention and EU law. Presentation at EELFs conference in Wroclaw 15/9-16

2016: When Aarhus meets with the Principle of legal protection in EU law. Presentation at 9th Meeting of the Task Force on Access to Justice, Geneva 14/6-16

2016: Environmental Courts in Sweden and the Reformatory Procedure. Presentation at the symposium International Forum for Environmental Judges, Oslo 21/6-16

2016: The Commission – A sheep in wolf’s clothing..? Presentation at the workshop Meeting the European Commission and Academia, Brussels 17/6-16

2016: Aarhus, EU and Access to Justice in Environmental Decision-making. Presentation at the conference Environmental Rights in Europe and Beyond in Lund, 21/4-16

2015: Transparency and Access to Justice in Environmental Decision-making. Presentation on Paris2015 UN Climate Change Conference The Impact of Transparency in International Climate Issues, 8/12-15

2015: Access to Justice in Environmental Matters. Some general experiences in the implementation of the Aarhus Convention in the European Union.  Presentation at International Workshop on Participation Principle Indicators under Environmental Law, Osaka, 9/3-15

2015: Environmental and Human Rights: Linkages in International Law.  Presentation at Regional Workshop in Tbilisi 20/2-15

2015: The Aarhus Convention and the role of the Courts. Presentation at Special Session for the Promoting of Judicial Networking in Environmental Matters, Geneva 15/6-15